Yellowstone in May

Yellowstone in May

by Jed Dunn

Breakfast in our awesome Airbnb

So many adventures this year, I have fallen behind because of work, and because that is life. For my birthday this year we returned to Yellowstone, we left on Thursday and stayed at an Airbnb outside Yellowstone at Gallatin Gateway. It was beautiful and I highly recommend it if anyone is in the area, Gwen was a wonderful host. Here is the link to the rental.

After we got up and made breakfast we headed into the park for Old Faithful. I had managed to find an affordable cabin there in January for the occasion. I kind of think of Yellowstone as the Disneyland of national parks for a variety of reasons. If you have never been to Yellowstone then: 1) you should definitely go, 2) make reservations far ahead, 3) plan on waiting in line (and by this I mean be prepared to wait in traffic for extended periods of time anytime there is wildlife close to the road), 4) it can be crowded so go in the shoulder seasons, 5) just like it is hard to do all of the different Disney parks in a short trip, it is hard to do Yellowstone in a short trip so pick one region, 6) accommodations can be found at a wide variety of prices from $25 a day to $1,000 a day.  We concentrated our stay in the Old Faithful region for this trip and explored it in depth and I am happy that we did. We were able to take long hikes and not spend all of our time driving around the park, which is bigger than Delaware and Rhode island combined.

After Yellowstone we stopped in Bozeman to check out the Museum of the Rockies, which had just opened the Genghis Khan exhibit and it was amazing. The kids area is also always a hit. I would also add that since we are members of the local science museum in Missoula, Spectrum Discovery Area, it was also free for all of us.

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