By Jed Dunn

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Well, we had a fun weekend of running. Not just a little jog. My wife and I completed the YMCA Riverbank Trifecta run which is made up of three separate races with a 10k, 5k and one-mile race and then another one-mile kid’s race. My wife and I debated on hiring a babysitter to watch the girls so we could participate, but after looking at those sweet faces we decided we wanted them to be a part of the fun! So, on a cold Montana spring morning we bundled the girls up, grabbed a couple blankets, their jogging stroller and hit the streets for the run. To the girls hesitation, we loaded them in the jogging stroller and told them “we are about to run in four races! You get to enjoy running in the stroller for three of them and the last one you get to race!” I put on my excited voice and told them how much fun they’re going to have. I gave myself a 30 second pep talk, “I can do this!” I mean I was about to push 85 pounds and run 10.3 miles, I needed some sort of reassurance! Again, looking at our girls I realized all this training will be worth it as they are a part of the journey with us. As you know, my wife and I are both training for the Missoula Marathon which is at the end of June, so I just used this as a training day.

Checking the map for dad

So, gunshots fire and the race starts. I’m mentally and physically prepared, but, the girls have a different agenda. The 10k was a little rough in regards to the girls not wanting to be in the stroller, but that’s nothing a good pair of headphones can’t fix! After that race, I had a talk with them on how much fun this is to be a part of a community that is running together to stay healthy! Their mindsets changed for the following two races. They were laughing, talking to each other, talking about the things they were seeing and in that moment I realized how important it was that they were there with us. They got to see mommy running and cheered alongside with her, giving her encouragement. They gave me encouragement because there is no way I could have gone slowly without them cheering me on “Dad, FASTER!!” Finally, the last race, the kid’s race. All three races made this one so worth it! They were finally let out of their chariot (jogging stroller) and released into the wild. They were given their own running bibs, so we pinned them on their shirts, as we did this you could see the pure joy they had knowing it was their turn.  The race starts, and the girls are off, leaving mom and dad in the dust. Nahn and Maymay were running alongside as fast as they could go, then bam, Maymay fell (she wasn’t hurt) her sister realized what had happened and ran back to help pick her sister up. All in that moment our hearts melted to watch the love that these girls have for one another. It’s moments like this we realize we’re doing a pretty good job at this parenting gig.

Running the 10 K

A lot of people would be extremely hesitant on pushing two toddlers but my wife and I felt that it would a great learning experience and a great time to showcase healthy living while having fun! It’s extremely important to us to show our girls a positive and active lifestyle. We want them to look back on their childhood and remember how a part of our lives they were. After participating in numerous races with our girls, we have realized it’s all how you spin it (no pun intended). Honestly, if you can make the situation a fun one anything is possible!

Maymay in blue
The Nahn Running free

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  1. Jed I was so impressed with your article it brought tears to my eyes. I always felt that if you can show that exercise is frozen it will always be part of their lives. I am so impressed with you and Coleen that you. are doing wonderful fun activities with the girls. We love you

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