Adventure Is Out There

Adventure Is Out There

By Jed Dunn

Sometimes you don’t even need to plan an adventure to find one. For example, yesterday, my beautiful wife informed me that our dog Dug was out of food (yes, we named him after the Pixar movie Up. Yes, he looks and acts exactly like Dug). After picking up our girls from daycare we went to the local feed store. The first thing that greeted us when we walked in was a fake full-sized horse, which our daughters kissed, petted, and talked to multiple times. MayMay, our youngest at three, was so excited because she is obsessed with horses and even makes horse sounds (not neigh… but more like “pbbbbbt” sort of like a fart noise)! 

To our excitement, we found that spring has sprung! With that, there was baby chicks, bunnies, ducks, oh my! So, what was supposed to be a boring trip to the feed store turned into a Zoo trip. This included a small Petting Zoo as far as the girls were concerned. So, a five minute errand turned into an hour of “Ohhh and Awweee” session. I finally got what I came for and was able to get the girls out with half promises “I know it is fun we will come back soon!” I get them strapped in and we are finally off to our next destination. This is when I discover what diabolical minds my sweet looking children have. They each left their very special and favorite My Little Pony jackets behind at the store! They said “Dad, it was an accident, we promise!” I’m pretty sure it’s premeditated. So, here we stand, sharing these sweet memories again today. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave anything behind this time. 

Make sure audio is on ” oh my gosh”

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